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  1. Seems I’m the only one that got waitlisted
  2. Congratulations What’s your stats?
  3. Any update please
  4. Habby

    Georgia State Perimeter (GPC) Fall 2017

    Hello sade name is oyinkansola .. can I get some enquires from You if you don’t mind ?
  5. It’s taking forever
  6. Thank you No one is picking.. lets all wait
  7. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have their number I can call ?
  9. I’m tired of checking my mails .. anyone that get any mail from school should please update us .. thanks
  10. Did you eventually 📞
  11. Exactly my point why so late .. was her math less than 63??
  12. That was my conversation with her
  13. Someone just posted on Spring 2021 group now she dint get it .. I was surprised and asked how she knew.. she said a mail was sent out 2weeks ago to student email .. I yam😃😃 scared ☹️☹️ #I need to check my BP
  14. Base on lastyr post, mails was sent out around March 11/13 .. I can’t wait to get over this
  15. I got this message today from informed delivery I was so scared .. then I realized it’s for FAFSA 😃😃😃
  16. I can’t wait for the waiting to be over