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dtristan89 has 7 years experience and specializes in Med Surg.

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    First time Mom

    Im at a bout 5 weeks pregnant with my first child. In a perfect world, Id wait until end of my first trimester to disclose my pregnancy but would like some other nurses opinions. Im definitely not wanting to notify my boss or HR for a light duty assisgnment. We only have one nurse at staff on nights and I have amazing CNAs that would totally take care of me BUT my job is a *** show at times. We are 40 resident medicaid short term medicaid facility. We have some residents here that have assaulted staff and other residents and DHS is drag assing on getting htem out of the facility especially now because of COVID. Residents that should be 1:1s but arent. Residents that come back intoxicated and fall. My night CNAs are older so I do what I can to help lift and transfer but im beyond scared especially with me being high risk. I've never called in or had disciplinary action taken against me but wouldnt put it past them to throw me under the bus as soon as the moment comes. I know thats terrible and Im hoping to get a VA job for instant health insurance but im at a loss any thoughts?