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vtachy has 1 years experience and specializes in emergency.

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    Being Rushed in the ED

    This is my first time posting on here so go easy on me. I have been an ED nurse for 1 year and I find myself in a strange situation in which im not sure if its normal or just crappy management. So I wanted to ask your opinion! Recently my ED implemented this new thing in which they are not triaging patients in the front, instead they just bring them to the room and leave them there for you to triage. They refer to this method as "pull till full." It is freaking me out because when I come in at midshift they give me 4 patients (we are 4:1) all within the first hour of work and it is really stressfull to tend to all of them at once like that, especially when they havent been triaged (which adds to time youre in the room with the patient). On top of this, they are not providing medics to help us. Unfortunately, all nurses are going through this and because they are so busy, it is difficult to help your teammates. I feel that this tactic is unsafe and it threatens my license. Getting slammed with so many patients at once is really difficult because you dont seem to catch up and have lack of help. It is to the point in which many of us are struggling to take our breaks. Often times if your patient gets a bed, they rush you by putting in for transport for the patient to go upstairs without you even getting a chance to give report (often I cancel the transport but they put it right back in). Other times, they rush you by assigning the room the patient is in to a new one coming in by EMS, so that EMS stands outside of that room waiting for the bed until the patient currently in the room is out so they can put the new patient in the half assed cleaned room. Is this how your emergency department operates? this is an super busy hospital by the way. Because I have never worked ED before I am having a hard time recognizing if this is normal or if I should transfer elsewhere. Rushing and exhaustion make you prone to errors! Thank you all!

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