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JazzyNi has 19 years experience and specializes in Nursing.

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  1. Pacific Union College - 2021

    So I just went back through my old thread from last year and Up until July 13, 2020 someone stated that they received an email saying they were not accepted. On 7/17/2020 multiple people stated that they received email notification of acceptance. So ...
  2. Pacific Union College - 2021

    ?Who said it’s full? No I haven’t heard anything yet, but what is the start date? Does anyone know? Last year I was notified by email but I was denied. So for the people that got in I don’t know if they received an email or an actual letter.
  3. Pacific Union College - 2021

    No ?. I emailed yesterday because my anxiety is killing me. ? But no response yet. I wonder how many applicants they had.
  4. Pacific Union College - 2021

    No word yet? Last year I got my denial email,.and the students that were accepted didn’t hear back until a few days after my letter.
  5. Pacific Union College - 2021

    No:-(......I received my denial letter last year on 6/29 so hopefully any day now! ??
  6. Pacific Union College - 2021

    That is correct It came at 6:17pm. I check emails all day?
  7. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Last last year I got my denial letter in the evening after 6 PM. So I always start getting nervous in the evening now.
  8. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Any word??
  9. Pacific Union College - 2021

    Will do. Fingers crossed.
  10. Pacific Union College - 2021

    I was missing nutrition. I know a gentleman that went to the program long ago. Probably changed much since then but he loved it. I love the fact that It is designed for working students. Crossing my fingers this time again.
  11. Pacific Union College - 2021

    I am also waiting to hear if I am in or not. I applied last year and was not accepted, I was missing a prerequisite, My GPA was 3.3. I’m hoping by the grace of God I will be accepted this year, if not I will try to retake a class to increase my GPA. ...
  12. Pacific Union College ADN LVN-RN 2020 application

    I know you All Are really anxious. But please just remain calm, relax and breathe. The worrying doesn’t speed up the process nor change it. Keep your hopes high , I was notified very early on that I was not chosen for the upcoming class. It’s nearing...
  13. Pacific Union College ADN LVN-RN 2020 application

    Thank you ALL for the encouraging words. It really means a lot.❤️
  14. Pacific Union College ADN LVN-RN 2020 application

    OK great. Thanks so much, that’s what I thought. My mind started playing tricks on me LOL
  15. Pacific Union College ADN LVN-RN 2020 application

    I am a bit confused. Are they accepting only once a year. Or do they accept every quarter?

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