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  1. JReid26

    University of Calgary, January 2021

    I don't really know why it would be higher? I know at other schools the GPA to be accepted into programs in actually lower because there is less students applying internationally and from out of province so it's less competitive now. Not sure about nursing though.
  2. JReid26

    University of Calgary, January 2021

    https://gradecalc.info/ca/ab/ucalgary/gpa_calc.pl Just found this on Google. Looks like it would be the same as Athabasca. Do you know what GPA you are going to approx be applying with?
  3. Hey everyone! I am planning to apply to the degree holder route for nursing at the University of Calgary for January 2021. I found this site by reading through the University of Calgary, January 2020 forum and thought it would be good to start one for this next years in take. I am currently finishing my English prerequisite and my anatomy and physiology course at Athabasca. Last year it looked like the GPA cut off was a 3.6 and that most people over a 3.7 got accepted.

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