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    TNPAP lie detector test?

    Just finished with my evaluation to enter tnpap, the evaluator said he might have me take a lie detector test to see if I was diverting from the hospital (like I was accused). Has anyone ever had this happen to them or is this a scare tactic?
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    It is with shame that I’m coming to ask you all for help. I am a new grad, next month would have marked 1 year for me. I have had several issues with my manager the entire year and I knew she was looking for any opportunity to terminate me. Unfortunately, I handed her the opportunity she was looking for. I got flagged for scanning medications to the wrong patient (realized right away and fixed, documented with charge nurse but still flagged) and for having a higher rate of passing narcotics for the month of April. I was accused of diverting narcotics and was drug tested. I failed the drug test and tested positive for oxycodone due to having taken an old RX pain pill while I was passing kidney stones. I have been in contact with the MOR and he wants my RX records but still says it will be an illegitimate RX d/t it being old. So I am certain I will be fired. Should I resign before they fire me? I am so lost and have no idea what to do. I have no idea how I got myself here. :(