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EmRN20 has 8 years experience.

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  1. EmRN20

    To Maine from Midwest

    Anybody live in Maine & work as an RN? Any advice or suggestions of where to work or places to avoid? Pay looks better than where I'm at. Anything is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I've been an LPN in SNF/LTC for 7 years, have even been a supervisor at a facility over RNs. Got my RN this year & I'm back at new nurse pay!?! I'm being told my LPN experience doesn't count as "real nursing experience. " How on earth am I as an RN being offered pay at hospitals & even other SNF/LTC facilities that is significantly lower than my LPN pay? Anybody have any idea what a real good reason for this is? I feel like going back to school was a waste.

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