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Bree Quinones

Bree Quinones

New New Nurse Student
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  1. Bree Quinones

    Fall 2020 OC Tech ADN & LPN

    No nothing special. Just waiting on my books so I can start studying.
  2. Has anyone applied to Octech’s nursing program?

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    2. Angel23


      Congratulations to you all! 🎊 I also applied to the program, but here it is, the 26th and I haven’t heard/received  anything. No email, no letter....I even called and received no call back. Does anyone know if this means I didn’t get in? I’m a nervous wreck....

    3. Columbiagal

      Columbiagal, CNA

      They probably haven’t finished sending them out yet. Monday when I call to check up on my application they said that they were flooded with applications. Email askme@octech.edu or call Michele Flaherty. Usually when I emailed them I would get a response within the next hour or two. 

    4. Angel23


      Thank you sooo much!


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