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  1. Hey guys! I'm a new grad starting to work at TMC this Summer. I'm currently living in Spring and have been planning to relocate after securing a job. I love suburban life, so I don't want to move too close to the city. It's it a good idea to li...
  2. Lone Star Fall 2020

    Just got accepted into Tomball!
  3. Lone Star Fall 2020

    Have been so anxious to check the email for acceptance but just keep getting emails about comments at this post?
  4. Lone Star Fall 2020

    Hopefully this is true (at least for this campus because my first choice is Tomball)!
  5. Lone Star Fall 2020

    That's only the deadline of application... Hope it won't take too long until they announce the results?
  6. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I think there's only one instructor at TB? Not many reviews on rate my prof, hope she's nice?
  7. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I'm taking it at Tomball!
  8. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I registered for Medical Microbiology for fall, and I'm taking Pharmacology in July. Has anyone taken Pharmacology already? I'm not sure whether it's a good idea or not to take it as a 6 week class?
  9. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I finally submitted my application! My score is 7.72 and I put TB as my first choice. I wonder when will we know the results.
  10. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I did and anxiously waiting for their reply?
  11. Lone Star Fall 2020

    WOW!! You have such a wonderful score! You will definitely get in your first choice! Btw I still haven't submit my application? There is something wrong with my account, and the adviser I have been communicating with can never open the documents I up...
  12. Lone Star Fall 2020

    Are you also making TB your first choice??
  13. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I heard some of friends saying that, and I believe I saw similar comments earlier in this post. I heard that they notify students orientation details only a week before classes start? which worries me a little.
  14. Lone Star Fall 2020

    Thank you! It's a 25 minutes toll to Montgomery from home, so it's not really that far, but TB is only 16 minutes from home. And I heard that both of them are good but TB is more disorganized... So I really don't know how should I choose? I think of ...
  15. Lone Star Fall 2020

    I kinda want to make Montgomery as my first choice but I live closer to Tomball, so I'm still struggling between these two location.