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  1. disarrayofsunshine

    outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    Thanks. I also recently joined this FB group and it has pretty cool dialysis workers and lots of information https://www.facebook.com/groups/dialysistechsww/?ref=share
  2. disarrayofsunshine

    outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    Yes I am hoping this is true as I am wanting to transition to acutes after about 6m-1yr experience. Ofcourse, let's connect. Dm me your IG
  3. disarrayofsunshine

    outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    @LisaNicoleRN17 how did you find acutes coming from a chronic setting? Was it a hard transition? What were the main differences and the hardest part of acutes? Was the pay significantly higher than chronic? I am new to dialysis and also curious about acutes. Was the 6months mark a good point experience wise or would you suggest more experience? Thanks in advance🙏
  4. disarrayofsunshine

    Fresenius CAP RN program raise?

    @Hoosier_RN How long or often does one move up in the CAP program from one level to the next?
  5. disarrayofsunshine

    Morning Vs Evening shifts

    Are morning shifts better than evening shifts. Especially for a nurse new to dialysis? What are the main differences in shifts?
  6. disarrayofsunshine


    I agree with Ednurse20 completely. Only put those things on your resume and don't make it too long. 1 page is recommended. On your most recent work experience, make sure you highlight valuable skills/certifications you have acquired during those 7 months. Make sure your cover letter also highlights these skills/cert from recent experience. Non-healthcare experience isn't necessary. As far as formatting goes, Google, new grad nurse resume. It will bring a lot of results, play along with those websites. Some even offer free resume/cover letter building.
  7. disarrayofsunshine

    Fresenius CAP RN program raise?

    @Jadah07 @CFrancine @ExploringRN I am wanting work as a dialysis nurse for Fresenius. How much is the starting salary for RN with a few years of experience (4years, geriatrics and home health), but no dialysis experience? and is there a raise with every certification earned?
  8. disarrayofsunshine

    Fresenius, what are my chances ? Please help!!

    I have heard some locations are willing to hire and train new grads without any experience. Just keep applying to multiple locations that are close (er) to you and I'm sure if they are in need for staffing they will reach out and be willing to train you. Keep us posted, and wish you luck!
  9. I am in a predicament. I applied to the big F company, same RN position, but at two different locations, one is closer to home, other one is about 30mins away from home. Two recruiters, one representing each location, have reached out, and they want phone interviews next week. Is this frowned upon? During the interviews, Should I mention that I am getting interviewed for 2 locations? What advice would you give in terms of choosing the right location?
  10. disarrayofsunshine

    Quit after 2 months

    @gman6362 I am so sorry this has happened to you and that you're going through this. I am kind of going through the same thing where I took a job because I wasn't getting any other offers. Advice I have gotten is to keep applying. Even if you don't check of all the boxes on minimum requirements, apply. Dedicate some time each day to go on job boards (Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google) and apply to jobs everyday. If you also had a good school, you can talk to the career center or resource center, and see if they may be able to help you find one or even fine tune your resume/cover letter. May I ask what specialty you are most interested in?
  11. disarrayofsunshine

    Is applying to 2 jobs at the same hospital ok?

    @EDNURSE20 I am in a similar situation. Did you apply and or interview for both? What did you end up doing after all?
  12. disarrayofsunshine


    Hi, For those of who've had a lot of experience in dialysis with different companies, which would you say has been your favorite company and why?
  13. disarrayofsunshine

    Fresenius interview

    I am geriatric RN since 2018, I have recently graduated with my BSN and looking to venture into another specialty. I have applied to several hospitals but have heard nothing back. I know my geriatric experience isn't much for consideration for hospital jobs, but my interests are in the PACU or OR. I applied to Fresenius Medical Care for a dialysis nurse position and they want a phone interview. I have some interest in dialysis so it is something I am into. Question is should I take this interview since its the only job application that has gotten back to me or wait and hope I land a hospital job. And is the fact that the recruiter reached out to me within 2days of application a red flag? If yes to go ahead with Fresenius phone interview, Anyone works for Fresenius? What tips would you give for phone interview? and the next steps if that's successful? How much is starting pay for nurses without dialysis experience. I reside in the Boston, Ma area.

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