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  1. Cambridge Health Alliance Nurse Residency Program (Cambridge, MA)

    @GoldenRN2022 What specialty did you interview for and got a residency in? Did you decide on the Everett or Cambridge location? I am curious as to how it went or how its going for you. I applied to CHA Residency program last Summer and...
  2. Thoughts from a brand new dialysis nurse

    I am also new do dialysis and not really loving the chronic setting. I am in a good clinic and the manager and 99% of the people are awesome. The early wake up calls of 4am, even with a mix of evening shifts are excruciatingly painful to me; this is ...
  3. outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    Thanks. I also recently joined this FB group and it has pretty cool dialysis workers and lots of information https://www.facebook.com/groups/dialysistechsww/?ref=share
  4. outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    Yes I am hoping this is true as I am wanting to transition to acutes after about 6m-1yr experience. Ofcourse, let's connect. Dm me your IG
  5. outpatient to acute hemodialysis-tips

    @LisaNicoleRN17 how did you find acutes coming from a chronic setting? Was it a hard transition? What were the main differences and the hardest part of acutes? Was the pay significantly higher than chronic? I am new to dialysis and also curious about...
  6. Fresenius CAP RN program raise?

    @Hoosier_RN How long or often does one move up in the CAP program from one level to the next?
  7. Morning Vs Evening shifts

    Are morning shifts better than evening shifts. Especially for a nurse new to dialysis? What are the main differences in shifts?
  8. Is applying to 2 jobs at the same hospital ok?

    Glad this has been quite an eye opening experience for you. And Thank you. This is quite helpful

    I agree with Ednurse20 completely. Only put those things on your resume and don't make it too long. 1 page is recommended. On your most recent work experience, make sure you highlight valuable skills/certifications you have acquired during those 7 mo...
  10. Fresenius CAP RN program raise?

    @Jadah07 @CFrancine @ExploringRN I am wanting work as a dialysis nurse for Fresenius. How much is the starting salary for RN with a few years of experience (4years, geriatrics and home health), but no dialysis experience? and is there a raise with ev...
  11. Fresenius, what are my chances ? Please help!!

    I have heard some locations are willing to hire and train new grads without any experience. Just keep applying to multiple locations that are close (er) to you and I'm sure if they are in need for staffing they will reach out and be willing to train ...
  12. Is applying to 2 jobs at the same hospital ok?

    WOW! amazing! Eventually I have to make a choice and I don't want to make the wrong one. Are you happy you took the job with the first interview? Any regrets on not pursuing the rest of the interviews? How did you go about turning the rest down after...
  13. I am in a predicament. I applied to the big F company, same RN position, but at two different locations, one is closer to home, other one is about 30mins away from home. Two recruiters, one representing each location, have reached out, and they want...
  14. Quit after 2 months

    @gman6362 I am so sorry this has happened to you and that you're going through this. I am kind of going through the same thing where I took a job because I wasn't getting any other offers. Advice I have gotten is to keep applying. Even if you don't ...
  15. Is applying to 2 jobs at the same hospital ok?

    @EDNURSE20 I am in a similar situation. Did you apply and or interview for both? What did you end up doing after all?