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ballerina09 has 4 years experience and specializes in FNP.

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  1. ballerina09

    I passed the AANP

    I found these posts very helpful when I was trying to decide what study materials to buy, so I'm paying it forward! I just passed my AANP exam, it was pretty much what I expected. I studied for around a month and a half, for around about 1 hour a day. I did all of the practice questions and tests that I had access to (around 4000 questions). Leik was my best resource, I read it cover to cover and did all the online questions, it was invaluable. I also did APEAs live review, which was good and helpful however I'm not sure if it was worth the price tag. I also got MyQBank, both management and assessment. Both were helpful but if money is tight just get management. I also got Exam Edge 5 Practice exams which were not worth it at all, don't waste your money. I did get the APEA predicter exam and got a 77% which helped so much with my confidence level. The predicter was harder then the actual test. Overall, if you did well in school you shouldn't have to study that much for this, a month and a half actually felt like too long for me. Get the predicter exam when you feel ready, and get Leik's book. Good luck!
  2. ballerina09

    100% Online vs. Hybrid Nurse Practitioner Programs

    Hello, A program finding preceptors for you is so valuable. Mine didn't and it was a complete disaster every semester. It was by far the most stressful part of my masters.
  3. ballerina09

    Looking for info on SUNY Upstate Hospital

    Hello! I currently live in Syracuse and I work at St Joseph's not Upstate. In general, Upstate pays less than other area hospitals however the benefits are far superior. Also, they are the big trauma hospital so if you're into that go to Upstate for sure. Upstate also has a good RN-BSN program that they completely pay for, St. Joes does not have this. As a new grad, it can be hard to get into Upstate, most end up in the "Float Pool" which is not ideal. I really enjoyed getting my start at St. Joes, also its magnet and Upstate is not. Keep in mind that there is Downtown Upstate and Community Upstate, Community is much easier to get into but also isn't as good as the downtown campus. As an aside, don't go to Crouse hospital, steer clear at all costs. Good luck!

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