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  1. I know that mileage will vary from student to student, but which courses did you find the most challenging in your first year? Is there anything you would have done differently or focused on to make it easier on yourself? I am very close to going into my program and I want to make sure that I am prepared the best way I can. Thank you!
  2. Hey all. I was curious for those of you on the LPN/LVN route, what did your first semester of classes look like? How long were your terms? There are two LPN programs I am looking at in the next month and each seem vastly different. One states their terms are 15 weeks in length, broken down every 5 weeks. 9 class total. The other is 12 weeks, in what I am hoping is unbroken and consistent teaching. 8 class total but would amount to 4 or 5 for me with my pre-recs. I'd love to see what others experiences are if you would be willing to share!
  3. Hello all! :D I did a couple searches through the boards and did not see this college mentioned anywhere. Has anyone had experience here and their LPN program? My husband is possibly looking to move us to NJ sometime in the Summer, so I am trying to get all my college options in a row. Thank you! - Sarah

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