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  1. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

  2. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    Good to know. Thanks!
  3. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @FutureNURSE_Ada Wow! OK. How were the exams? Short answer, multiple choice, etc. How was the instructor? I'm trying to figure out which (Portage or Dallas College) PSYCH requires less activity...LOL. I know... lots of questions. I'm working so man...
  4. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @valerie11 Liberty University classes are $911 each. I'm going to see if Wayland has a cheaper class. I only need one religion (Old or New testament) course.
  5. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    Has anyone taken a PSYCH- Lifespan Growth and Development through Portage Learning? If so, how was it? Any papers?
  6. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @valerie11 Liberty University offers Old AND New Testament, both online.
  7. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    Thank you! You answered my question. I will be applying after taking the HESI.
  8. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    So did you JUST enter your PREREQUISITES?
  9. Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Charlotte25 Good Luck!
  10. Hi All! Anyone in the DFW area? Does Texas Tech have a Dallas cohort? I'm interested in the ABSN program but can't find enough information online that talks about the Dallas cohort. Would I ever have to travel to the main campus in Lubbock for anythi...