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  1. I'm currently an accelerated BSN student that is about to graduate this Summer. I have no ties to my cities and would even proceed with the steps necessary to take my NCLEX at a state that offered me an early acceptance to a fall residency. My question revolves around the lack of knowledge about residency contracts. Given the uncertainty this pandemic brings, I have started applying to residencies that have opened applications. What I'm learning is each hospital has their own application timeline and start date. So what if you seize an early opportunity for a residency only to also get accepted for another that was a better fit for you? Can anyone share experiences they have about being accepted to a residency but inevitably withdrawing from it? (I understand this would not be in good taste. And something that individuals should abstain from doing.) But for those more unique situations, are there normally stipulations in contracts new grads sign that prohibit them from withdrawing after accepting the job? Thank you! Stay safe out there!