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Heather P has 2 years experience and specializes in CNA.

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  1. Heather P

    UTA BSN Accelerated Online Fall 2021

    Not yet!
  2. Heather P

    UTA Fall 2021

    Hey guys, I have emailed the college but I haven't heard anything so I was seeing if any of you knew. I am currently in a LVN program so I have already went through the process of fingerprinting and have my BON blue card. In my email for being waitlisted it had said that you have to submit fingerprint results. I was under the impression if you have your blue card that was all you needed. Does anyone know if I'll have to go through fingerprinting again?.. I figured I didn't since the whole point was to get the blue card. Thank you in advance! Just trying to be prepared just in case. Heather Page
  3. Heather P

    UTA BSN Accelerated Online Fall 2021

    I wasn't expecting to get waitlisted but I guess you just never know! I'm partnered and have experience with direct patient care in a critical care unit. I wish experience counted for something 😬 At least I graduate LVN in August. That'll count for something I guess. 😂 Trying to cheer myself up...
  4. Heather P

    UTA BSN Accelerated Online Fall 2021

    I was waitlisted.
  5. Heather P

    UTA Fall 2021

    You've completed Intro to Nursing right? They should have sent your info to BON while you were in that course.
  6. Hello all, I have tried to find a forum for students applying to UTA for the AO program to start in Fall 2021 but I didn't find any so I am starting my own topic! I know the deadline was just the 15th but I am so anxious and nervous to find out if I am in! My Patho is done (retaking Pharm since UTA won't accept mine from Hill College) so I have that consideration listed on my MyMav and I am employed as a Patient Care Assistant at a partnered hospital. Both of my GPA's are 3.0. (Which is a lot better than what it used to be. I didn't take college seriously when I was younger!) Obviously passed TEAS, won't go into the scores since it is a pass/fail requirement. I am currently about to start my second semester of LVN school and I graduate that program in August at Hill College. I am hoping to immediately start the BSN program after that so I don't become complacent and put it off. How about you guys? I felt like this would be more constructive than sitting around biting my fingernails until March waiting for that email! LOL. This is a judgement free zone! I am excited to hear from you all 😃 Heather Page
  7. Heather P

    Navarro LVN Fall 2020

    Hey guys! I'm in at the Waxahachie campus. Can't wait to start!! ❤❤ Good luck to all!