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    Failed nursing school(technically)

    I keep reading about these awful experiences in nursing school. And I haven't been yet, I'm waiting to hear back for my application, so please know that I'm now judging at all. But which schools are these?? Or at least, which type (state school, private, partly online, degree factory) if you need to maintain anonymity. Is there anything those of us headed into nursing school can do to avoid either the school or the situation?
  2. Hey there! I'm starting this thread to provide the most recent information on Fayetteville State application and entrance exam. Things have changed quite a bit for FSU in the last two years. Quality of instruction has gone up exponentially. Join if you need info, have info, or just want to discuss! To provide some background, I have already submitted my application (March 2020) and was given a date for my Kaplan entrance exam (April 18). Then COVID hit and the exam was cancelled. Now I'm taking the exam on May 26th via my laptop at home and being proctored via zoom on my phone. Crazy times. The Kaplan has SO LITTLE information on it out there, I figured I'd provide whatever info I get as soon as I get it to help others. I've attached the test instructions. Not a big deal, but I couldn't find them myself, so figured why not?

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