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  1. OK thank you! I also got the thank you email from ------------------e, I was worried I missed the Zoom link and further details good luck everyone!
  2. Did anyone receive a follow up email yet after confirming their interview?
  3. swollenankleshan

    Pomona Valley New Grad RN Residency 2020

    Hi! I’m starting a thread for Pomona Valley’s new grad program for status updates on applications and interviews! If one already exists please let me know also from previous threads I’ve found it really helpful when people post: if/where they did their preceptorship and what unit they applied to when they’re posting to provide context, so if you feel comfortable, please do! I applied to LDRP and did my preceptorship in an adult ICU.
  4. swollenankleshan

    CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2020 Cohort

    Hi! Did you receive an offer or phone call? Do you know if they’ve already finished calling?
  5. swollenankleshan

    Long Beach Memorial Care/Miller Children’s August 2020 NEW GRAD RN

    One of their employees said peds might not be opening this time, so it looks like their only positions are in Mother Baby this time around! I talked to HR and they said you could apply to new grad positions from both hospitals. What units are y’all planning on applying to?
  6. Hi! I’m creating this thread for people to ask questions and post updates for any new grad apps to Long Beach Memorial or Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital!
  7. swollenankleshan

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Do you mind me asking what area you did your preceptorship in and what area you requested in your cover letter (if you requested one!)? Thank you!
  8. swollenankleshan

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Oh OK thank you! I did my preceptorship in a adult ICU because our school does not give out pediatric or maternity placements for preceptorship. I’m hoping it’s under review by a unit related to women’s health because that’s what I requested in my cover letter, but I’m not sure if they’re going to consider me due to my preceptorship. Thank you for the info!!
  9. swollenankleshan

    UC Davis New Grad Residency Fall 2020

    Did you do you preceptorship in a specific area? Sorry, this process seems very subjective and we’re just trying to reason out the order in which they’re switching statuses I specified a unit in the cover letter because I saw that others were doing so, and I want to work in Women’s Health.
  10. swollenankleshan

    CHLA Versant RN Residency September 2020 Cohort

    hi! Any updates from hem onc?

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