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Steph Knepper

Steph Knepper BSN, RN

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Steph Knepper has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Neurology/medsurg/PCU.

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  1. Steph Knepper

    Decisions on CNM vs. FNP

    Thanks so much to both of you! I actually just started my 3rd semester of DNP FNP schooling so I completely understand. I also agree that it is nice to hear from others who have like mindsets. Currently, I have decided to finish out my FNP schooling then after do a dual certification as a CNM. I am working on deciding when the best time to change to a L&D job would be, I’m hoping within a year but now is not the best time to change jobs. Also have to factor in being able to get A JOB without maternity experience... anyhoo that’s me!
  2. Steph Knepper

    Decisions on CNM vs. FNP

    Thank you so much for your comment! It is good to know someone else is in a similar situation. It’s interesting you were told to do cnm instead of FNP for saturation as I was actually told the opposite! I was pushed towards FNP with people saying how there is an increased demand for this role (but my heart is really in cnm). I am seriously considering switching to an L&D job but want to make sure It is a good fit as I love everything about my current job... besides patient population. How are you liking cnm school? Where do you go?
  3. Steph Knepper

    FNP jobs with RN schedule: 3-12 hours shifts

    That’s awesome! Best of luck 🙂
  4. Steph Knepper

    FNP jobs with RN schedule: 3-12 hours shifts

    I currently work on a neuro med surg floor and the hospital employees a handful of FNP to work in hospital medicine overnight, 7 on 7 off. I talked to them a few times (I am also in FNP school) and they said it is super uncommon to have a hospital hire FNP to the in patient. I don’t think that answers your question but some food for thought
  5. Steph Knepper

    CNM & WHNP boards

    Hi! I am so sorry this does not answer your questions but I saw your post and was interested in your experience. I currently work as an RN and am looking into CNM school. I am really interested in Georgetown. How did you like the program? Do they give any finiancial aid? Would love to hear more about your time :) Again, so sorry this doesn't at all help what you were asking.
  6. Steph Knepper

    Post-master's CNM?

    I have not done this but would love to hear what you find out as I am currently enrolled in an FNP program but am also interested in midwifery. Good luck to you!
  7. Steph Knepper

    Decisions on CNM vs. FNP

    Hi All, This is my first time posting on this page. I have long read these posts and am now in need of some help myself. I currently work as an RN in inpatient Neurology medsurg/tele/PCU. I am currently enrolled part time in an FNP DNP program, I am in my 3rd semester. From age 13 to pretty much 21 I strongly wanted to become a midwife, it was the whole reason I went into nursing school. I ended up swearing off this path after my maternity rotation in school because the nurses at my clinical placement were very cold, pushed me away, and seemed fairly uninterested. I instead decided to become an FNP as this would allow me to do a little bit of everything, which I also like. So here lies the problem. Lately, I have noticed in my FNP courses, all my topics of choice for projects have been women's health focused. I miss this area of interest and long to be imersed in it again. I have begun speaking with a midwife to understand more about the profession and have the idea to possibly switch from FNP to a midwife track, if I am admitted. I am unsure if it is wise to jump in head first to a midwife program and stop FNP all together or if I should finish out my FNP track and then midwifery (I finish FNP in 2024... very long.. but get doctorate) OR if I should attempt to find a dual program in midwifery and womens health NP. Also curious on if I should switch my current job to somewhere maternity related and if so how soon. I would appreciate any feed back, thoughts and ideas, or questions, especially from nurse midwives or those in school. Thank you all so much in advance 🙂

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