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ICU, education, peer support & paediatrics
New New Educator Nurse
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Ingrido has 34 years experience and specializes in ICU, education, peer support & paediatrics.

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  1. Ingrido

    Australian Nurse Looking to work and live in PA

    Thank you so much, I’m not there yet!! I’m just starting the process. I’m very excited to be moving to Pennsylvania
  2. Ingrido


    I'm probably going to have to do the fiancé visa too. I’m going to dig up my transcripts & search for the paed component!! Fingers crossed. So, they don’t count work experience ie working with paeds or obg/yn pts??
  3. Hi, I am an Australian nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing, Post Grad qualifications in Adult and Vocational Education, Critical Care Nursing and Masters in Education. I also have family partnership certificate, immunisation, community family care experience and lecturing at university. Do you know if I need to contact CGFNS or just do the NCLEX and apply for licensing in PA? Many thanks the process is complex, I'd appreciate any advice. Ingrid.
  4. Ingrido

    Hi, I’m new 😊

    Thank you. I’ll go look for it
  5. Ingrido

    Hi, I’m new 😊

    Hi everyone, I’m a nurse in Australia & I have 35 yrs experience. My background is in ICU, education & family centred care. mom looking to move to Pennsylvania for . it seems a very overwhelming process, can anyone help me with explaining the process please. Thanks.

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