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  1. West Coast University 2020- Orange County

    Answer: West Coast is accredited by WASC, CCNE, and BRN. I know of a grad student at Cal State Long Beach who actually graduated from West Coast, so you can definitely apply to grad school afterwards. :)
  2. West Coast University 2020- Orange County

    Hi Em123! In order to apply, you may attend an orientation that tells you about the program. If you decide it is a good fit for you, you can schedule a date to take the HESI (unless you have already taken the TEAS). You are assigned a specific guidan...
  3. Hello! I have recently been accepted to WCU, and I would love to hear from students who have graduated from the Orange County campus. Are both the Los Angeles and Orange County campuses approved by the Board of Registered Nursing? Were you able to ...

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