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  1. Hi! I am a nurse currently working in the USA, and have been wanting to start the process of moving to and working in England, preferably in the London area. As I've been researching how best to go about this move, I found that using international nursing agencies can make this transition smooth, as they help you with obtaining credentials needed, and some even help with the physical move itself (flights, living situation, etc). I am having trouble, however, finding the correct agency for me, and was wondering if anyone had any advice or names of agencies that work with hospitals in the London area? I am not committed to any one hospital as of yet, but the two hospitals that have caught my attention through my research are St. Thomas' Hospital, and University College Hospital- London. I have reached out to St. Thomas' about a week ago, but am still waiting on a response back from them. I plan on reaching out to University Hospital in the next few days or so, but was wondering if anyone had some experience or advice that they could share to help me out? I've always wanted to travel and work in the profession I love, so any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA
  2. taynobis

    US RN moving to London UK

    Hi @kaitfinder and anyone else who can help! First, I am very thankful for this discussion, as I am just starting out in the process of (hopefully) moving my nursing career to the UK! I have been a nurse in the US for just over a year now (working in a university hospital on a medical ICU floor), and I am struggling on knowing what search terms I should use when looking up agencies to go through to make the move to the UK. I am interested in being in the London area, but would not be opposed to other surrounding cities. I have looked into the NEU agency and really liked what I saw, but wanted to explore my other options before fully committing to them. Would you be able to name some other agencies you found reputable, or point me in the right direction regarding how to find names of other agencies that help American/ foreign nurses who would like to work in the UK? Thanks so much in advance, you guys are all super helpful!

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