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    63K ABSN - Yes or No?

    I'm trying to figure out if I'm in a good position to take on an ABSN at a private college - Or what other alternatives might be better for me to pursue. About myself: Going back to school as a 30 year old, This would be my 2nd degree, First one was in Hotel Management however seems with the way things are hospitality will be down for awhile. Nursing has been a desire of mine for years, after recently being furloughed now is the time if any for me to pursue it! I found a program that would allow me to finish relatively quickly in 12 months with the total amount equaling 63K (books included). I don't have any existing debt and have about 45k in savings. However the thought of spending 63k on a BSN is still a little scary. I've been living on my own since my first degree 10 years ago, though would bite the bullet and move back in with family to save while completing the ABSN. I've done research into other programs in the area, however this one requires the least amount of pre-reqs (only 4) and can allow me to really get right in from the get-go and finish in the most timely manner. What are your thoughts? Go for it or continue to explore other nursing options? Any feedback would be most appreciated.

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