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  1. Hey everybody! last week I took my NCLEX and passed (associates RN- currently working on my BSN online), and I am so excited! I live in New York and I really want to move Out of the parents house soon. I am thinking Florida, even though I know the state is getting slammed with covid. I feel that there are many opportunities down there for nurses during the pandemic, and in addition, the higher crisis pay rate difference at some facilities. Unfortunately, I really don't have any money saved up, and I know I have to start working. Would it be worth it to start a nursing job in New York for max 6/7 months and then leave, and try to find a job down in Florida? Or should I just wait to find a job down there.... and start applying soon? I’m confused on what I should do.. Becuase if I work at a hospital here, I don’t want to leave after only a few months because I know orientation in itself is as long as 3-6 months. My plan (maybe): start off at a nursing home in NY, take it slow, and leave after about 6 months. Get a little bit of experience and some money in pocket while I still live at home, then move down south to FL. I’m itching to finally move out!...is this a stupid idea? I would love to hear any advice! Thank you all so much for reading and replying! 🙂
  2. EmmaK

    Confused about NCLEX

    Hey everyone! I just graduated from my nursing program, I’m so excited! I signed up to take the NCLEX in NY state, but I may try to move to FL in the next few months. Do I have to take a specific NCLEX exam for FL if even I take NCLEX in NY...? I’m not too sure how this all works. Thank you so much for reading!

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