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  1. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Burnt out PCT/nursing student

    I am in nursing school. I applied to work as a PCT to gain applicable healthcare experience and have a "leg up" over some of my classmates in terms of knowledge and experience. Most everyone has said working as a PCT or CNA in nursing school provides...
  2. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    I feel dumb as a rock in comparison to my classmates

    Unfortunately, your performance is all they have to judge you on. This is like saying how high schools shouldn't judge students based on how they're doing in high school...nursing school is a series of benchmarks. It is there to teach you how to crit...
  3. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Is it safe to be a nursing student right now?

    I completely agree with everything the PPs have said, so let me just add on: 1. We are training to be nurses. This is what we signed up for. Times are scary, but sadly this won't be the last outbreak we will have to deal with. Hopefully the next won'...
  4. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    What is YOUR favorite scrub brand?

    Just got hired as a PCT/nurse extern on a telemetry floor (yay!) and I am in the market for scrubs. My school has us wear Cherokee Workwear Revolution brand and they are honestly quite comfortable...but I am unsure if I can compare a 5 hour clinical ...
  5. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    ABSN Program Online due to Covid - Huge Negative?

    Hi! First of all, CONGRATS on being accepted into nursing school! Regardless of the current global health situation, it is a phenomenal accomplishment which many people can only dream of achieving. I have just finished my first semester of BSN school...
  6. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    BSN Programs associated with Teaching Hospitals

    Not to derail your thread, but may I ask what benefits you see to attending a BSN program associated a teaching hospital? Regardless, you will be getting clinical experience no matter which university you attend and even if you do attend a BSN progra...
  7. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Does prestige of program matter?

    NCLEX pass rates are very telling of a school's success. In my state (FL) schools are placed on a probationary status after just one year of NCLEX pass rates being 10 pts below the national avg. Beware of programs with marketing ploys such as "no wai...
  8. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Working as PCT during nsg school

    Thanks so much! I don't plan on working during the school year so the sleep/time constraints aren't an issue to me, so I think it is a good compromise based off your comments!
  9. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Phlebotomy Certificate during Nursing School worth it?

    I personally would focus more on getting a PCT/CNA certification, if you want healthcare experience while in school. Many facilities may cross-train PCT/CNAs to do venipuncture and you certainly will learn the skill in school as well.
  10. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    A&P 1 and Pathophysiology at the same time

    Pathophysiology & Pharmacology is one class at my university (with a part I and II; so we take PP1 then PP2 the next semester, not unlike the A&P sequence). 🙂 They focus on similar things, patho being disease processes and pharm being the coi...
  11. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Anyone else having doubts?

    Hey there, You are certainly not alone. While I am no longer prenursing, it was during those semesters I had the most doubt about entering the nursing profession. I am sure the COVID pandemic has augmented fears for many prenursing students; even as ...
  12. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    A&P 1 and Pathophysiology at the same time

    Hats off to you. I have no clue how one would successfully do Pathopharm without any extensive A&P knowledge! Pathopharm builds on A&P in the sense that 1) it is mainly application based rather than memorization based and 2) the pharmacokinet...
  13. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Jobs Before/During Nursing School

    I just got ONE callback for an interview for a PCT position today (out of 20+ job apps). I have completed fundamentals (my school doesn't do 1 and 2 LOL there's just one course).
  14. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Working as PCT during nsg school

    Hi all! I have an interview tomorrow for a FT position working nights as a PCT on a tele floor. If all goes well and I land the job, I intend to stay employed throughout the Summer then go PRN once school starts back up. I wanted to ask--how valuable...
  15. blueskiesandsunshine.prn

    Jobs Before/During Nursing School

    I am in the same position, except I don't have any hospital experience and I am applying for PCT, non cert pharmacy tech, nurse extern, etc positions. I've only completed one clinical course in nursing school thus far so I don't even have that going ...