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  1. Online Pathophysiology?

    Hi, finally, which college did you choose in order to do the Patho class online, self-paced? Thank you a lot!
  2. Fall 2013 BSc N After Degree at Augustana, AB

    Hi, I am also admitted by nursing program in Augustana. How is your experience there?
  3. Hi, What do you think of the program? Have you already started? I am also interested in it! Could you please provide more details? Thank you a lot! Vivian
  4. University of Sioux Falls ABSN

    Hi, how are you doing in this ABSN program? I have received an offer from Augustana university and not sure if I should choose Augustana university of USF. Which one do you recommend? Have you graduated?
  5. Augustana University BA in Nursing?

    Hi, I have just got an offer from ABSN of Augustana. I started to worry. What was your tuition? Except tuition, are their any hidden charges? for example, student fees. Thank you
  6. Augustana University SD ABSN

    I am also admitted to their ABSN program. And how do you feel about it? recommend/?
  7. Organic Chemistry prerequisite

    Hi were you able to find one at last? Where did you take Organic Chemistry finally? I know the university of South Dakota has it offered online. I am looking for a less pricy one.
  8. US RN moving to London UK

    Hi heyred823 We have sent many messages before about ABSN to the UK. And it turned out that it was accepted. I just want to know how you were doing with your process? Did you pass your exams? I wanted to continue our messages but I c...
  9. Online Pathophysiology

    Hi were you able to find one at last?I am also looking for one online Patho class but I am not sure if Portage is recognized
  10. Augustana University SD ABSN

    Hi, how do you feel about this program? I am applying to as well but still studying my prerequisites.
  11. Hi, your post is kind of motivating. Haha. That’s amazing. Do u think 8 week session solely for AP1 is doable? I do not work and would be able to study on a full time basis. But I do not have Biology and Chemistry foundation knowledge at all. Thank ...
  12. You mean 15 week session for 2 sciences courses? I chose an 8 week session solely for AP1, do you think it doable? Thank you .
  13. Winter Anatomy and Physiology Online Winter Session

    Did you find it finally? EduKan or Geneva Portage are both offer online prerequisites.
  14. University of Sioux Falls ABSN

    WOW! Sounds wonderful!! Thank you. Yes, I searched for it also because it’s the most affordable ABSN for the first reason. Are there any international students there on this program? How many students are in total on ABSN? I like the supportive progr...
  15. University of Sioux Falls ABSN

    Oh my god!! It’s glad to hear that you have good experience with them. Anything good about this program that you are able to share? please!! I can’t wait to hear all your good experiences about this program in USF. Is it hard to get into? Their curri...