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  1. Nursewannabe

    St. Paul School of Nursing Fall 2019

    of course its my pleasure! I was in the same boat a few weeks ago but honestly I figured out for myself just keep calling him and texting him because he can be forgetful at times. It sounds stupid but you have to keep reminding them that you exist.
  2. Nursewannabe

    St. Paul School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Hey CONGRATS on passing the SLE!! honestly communication with them is a bit tough so just call or if you have your advisors number call and text him and remind him to send you the application. It's going to be up to you to be on top of them to get you the paperwork that you need to fill out. Contact Louisa via email. She is the sweetest and she will help you out. lprocell@fortisinstitute.edu
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm creating this thread for everyone trying to apply or who have already been accepted to St Pauls for the 2020 year. I am currently waiting to take my SLE for the second time since first time I scored a 20. I am applying for the Staten Island campus and I'm super nervous since I would really like to start in the Fall for September. Please feel free to share anything regarding your progress in the application or if you are already enrolled in Summer or fall. Thank you!
  4. Nursewannabe

    St. Paul School of Nursing Fall 2019

    Google wonderlic test prep and you should get a few good links to practice for the SLE and for the HESI I used the Mometrix HESI A2 prep book. https://beatthewonderlic.com/take-a-free-wonderlic-test-online/
  5. Hi Times97.

    I wanted to know where you took the SLE test ? was it at the school? and do your know if they are waiving the HESI exam? I'm talking about St Pauls... LOL 

    1. Timesia97

      Timesia97, EMT-B

      They give it to you online and right now the HESI has been waived for fall applicants. You need a 22 and up on the SLE to be given an admissions package.

    2. Nursewannabe


      OMG WOW!! I mean I'm totally prepared to take the HESI because I have been studying for a while now but I also wouldn't mind skipping it. As for the SLE do they send it to you via email and then you send it back or how does it work? how many questions come and did you find it hard? 


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