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  1. bek72

    UMass Boston - ABSN Spring 2021

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/712906129578614 Hopefully this works!
  2. bek72

    UMass Boston - ABSN Spring 2021

    Would anyone be interested in joining a facebook group for the Spring 2021 cohort? I personally don't know anyone else in this specific cohort, and I think it would be really nice to bounce questions off each other before January.
  3. bek72

    UMass Boston - ABSN Spring 2021

    I also plan on applying! When is everyone aiming to get their applications in? I have pretty much completed everything so I'm probably going to submit as early as possible.
  4. @Nrd I am applying to UMass Boston but I am also sort of waiting to hear back from Curry before I apply to any more than that.
  5. @Nrd wishing you the best of luck! I also have yet to receive any confirmation email or letter although I submitted June 5 and have all my boxes checked. Have you received any confirmation?
  6. Hi! I have not seen a thread for the Spring 2021 ACCEL program yet so I thought I would start one. Anyone else applying to this program? I am really wondering if COVID will impact how many applicants there are.