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  1. CCU: ICU or no?

    Is a CCU considered an ICU?
  2. TVP

    Is a TVP something that a med surg nurse would see on the medicine floor? Or is it specific to the ICU?
  3. New Grad in CCU

    Do you think a 12 week orientation for a new graduate nurse in the ICU seems adequate? When would you expect a new grad RN to assume the care of 2 CCU level patients independently with minimal assistance from the preceptor?
  4. Y Site

    Can you please explain Y site-ing IV tubing? I was working with my preceptor the other day and, because the patient had an IV infusion of heparin running in his left antecub, she told me to Y site the magnesium into the heparin tubing, as they are co...
  5. Swan-Ganz/PA Catheters

    Will you ever see Swan-Ganz catheters on step-down units or medical surgical units? Or are they only seen in the ICU setting?
  6. What’s wrong with this IV site?

  7. Whats wrong with this video?

  8. Swan Ganz/PA Catheter

    Which ports can you not use for IV medication administration? Why can you not use the port that lies in the pulmonary artery? Anatomically and physiologically speaking, the pulmonary artery carries deoxygenated/venous blood, not arterial blood.
  9. Older Friends

    Hi. I am a 22 year old Senior nursing student one year away from graduation. I worked as a student nurse for the past 2 years at a hospital where I made a great friend but she is 60. She is an RN & one of the most nicest, smartest and caring peop...
  10. Per Diem Cancellations

    I work at a local community hospital as a per diem CNA. Due to a consistently low hospital census, I have been getting cancelled for most days I am scheduled to work. My nurse manager generally schedules 2 CNAs to staff the floor. One CNA for the fir...
  11. Low Hospital Census

    I work at a community hospital as a CNA. For the past month or so, the general hospital census has been insanely low. As a result, staff have been getting cancelled left and right. Has anyone else been experiencing this at their facilities?
  12. Gown Change

    How do I change a patient's gown with many IV lines?
  13. HELP! Need to make decision!

    Is giving a bed bath to an intubated patient hard
  14. Extra Person Wearing PPE

    What if the manager does approve?
  15. Extra Person Wearing PPE

    Hi, everyone. I am eager to help mentor a passionate student about IV therapy. She works at my hospital as a student nurse. Is that wrong to let her shadow for the day to observe PICC line placement (obviously unpaid and on her own time)? What if one...