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areason4stars has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Pediatric Private Duty AND Child/Adolescent Psych.

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  1. Unsure of what my options are

    If you are the nurse with the least amount of seniority I would think you might just be stuck but it also doesn't hurt to talk to your supervisor and request avoiding a unit or working a particular unit.
  2. Covid-19 Bonus

    I work at a 140 bed residential ( the program is supposed to be 90 days but several clients end up here longer sometimes for over a year) psych facility for children and teens. We received a $300 covid bonus in May as long as you worked full time t...
  3. Taking time off to take care of my new baby? Bad for career?

    I personally was able to work full time until they were 4 and starting vpk it was a good balance that way. Follow your mommy instinct. How easy/hard it will be to get back into it is greatly dependent on variables esp on how much experienc...
  4. Am I being unreasonable about my concerns regarding safety/hygiene?

    Wow that's really sad. I cant imagine regularly having to wait that long to use a bathroom. That sounds dangerously understaffed. I mean if it takes that long to get an available staff to unlock a bathroom I cant imagine how long it would take to ge...
  5. Am I being unreasonable about my concerns regarding safety/hygiene?

    I just wanted to say at my facility the bathrooms are locked as well. And clients must have staff unlock it as needed. But there is ALWAYS staff on the floor that will unlock it at clients request. The only delays with a client needing to use the b...
  6. How do you ensure the right INSULIN pen for the right patient?

    At my facility which is a residential psych facility for children and teens we have a few diabetics and they all have their own pens. We keep the current pen(s) in a pencil box like this see image below . With one of the clients labels on the box alo...
  7. New to psych

    Also ask what the usual census is plus what the max # of clients/patients you could be responsible for. Look to see if there are enough staff/ MHT ( here call DCPs) for patient/client safety ask what the ratios are supposed to be. Also the per...
  8. New to psych

    " Are u responsible for finding staff when there are call ins? We were mandated when staff called in. (If we couldn't find staffing.)" I second that. I work overnight at a residential psych facility for children and teens. During the day and eve...
  9. There IS HOPE on the horizon!

    Happy for you that you found your niche. Nursing IS amazingly full with abundant diversity in positions.
  10. BBC says Joe Biden has won

    I work night shift and was very happy that I happened to still be awake at 1115 am when I go the news alert ding on my phone saying that the AP finally called the race and Biden won. I am so relieved! ? I have been watching the news almost every cha...
  11. RN jobs options after declining health

    I worked through an agency mostly it was called PSA Healthcare they were in several cases a few years ago they were bought out/merged with and our now called Avenna healthcare. Around here they are always hiring. But like I explained earlier even af...
  12. Is there a Stigma with a Male working in Nursing?

    There are 25 nurses total at my facility 4 of them are males. I don't see them treated differently well based on the basis of gender anyways. One of them has major seniority differential treatment but that is to be expected.
  13. Low Stress Specialties

    Some of my shift are stressful , few are very stressful, but overall I think on average my shifts are pretty low stress for a nursing job but of course this is all subjective. I have been at this current facility since 3/31/20 and overall the pay/be...
  14. covid related job questions

    Yes those secretions can get some distance. Back when I was doing private duty- I spent several mins looking for a passy muir valve that popped off my patient's trach .. looking all over the classroom floor. I eventually found it IN my scrub...
  15. covid related job questions

    At my residential pediatric psych facility even when we had clients that were positive we could recommend they wear a mask but we are/were unable to "make" them wear one.