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areason4stars ASN, RN

Pediatric Private Duty AND Child/Adolescent Psych
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areason4stars has 11 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Pediatric Private Duty AND Child/Adolescent Psych.

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  1. areason4stars

    Lithium Level always low?

    Thanks for your insight. No other meds or supplements. The lab comes out to the facility around 630am but starts on unit 1. This client is on unit 5. It varies depending how many clients have labs ordered that day. I think average is between 7-8am for this client. The does at HS is st 2200. His am dose is at 8am Abilify was added for depression according to the MAR. He is 14 years old so maybe it is just the fact he is closer to adult size. The Dr was guessing it might be an absorption issue.
  2. areason4stars

    Resources for pedi psych?

    Thanks I printed out that reference sheet too
  3. areason4stars

    Lithium Level always low?

    (Sorry I was mistaken on my original post it was above 0.37 once back in Dec. and when I said the other week it was 0.1 it was actually 0.01 ) He has been on Lithium since 12/26/19 300mg BID Dose change on 4/27/20 to 300mg at am and 600mg at HS Labs are 12/30/20 0.49 02/03/20 0.29 4/16/20 0.27 5/05/20 0.01 5/11/20 0.37 His only other med is Aripiprazole 15mg q HS started 01/05/20 No changes to diet or Hydration. He has had a regular diet ordered the whole time and water has/is available as needed.
  4. areason4stars

    How can I be a good psyche nurse?

    I dont know how it is at other psych jobs but my job at a residential psych facility for children/teens is way more paperwork heavy than any other nursing job I have had. I almost feel like a medical secretary vs a RN some nights.
  5. areason4stars

    Are certain days busier than others??

    It depends which unit you work at my facility. It's residential. Some units have "treatment teams" on mondays . other units have tx teams on different days. The overnight shift after a treatment team is usually the most paperwork heavy due to all the new orders from tx team
  6. areason4stars

    Looking into psychiatric nursing

    I work at a residential psych facility for children and teens.
  7. areason4stars

    Lithium Level always low?

    I work at a residential psych facility for children and teens. One of my clients lithium level for the last few weeks has been low. It has never been above 0.37 last week it was 0.1 . The client is good about mouth checks I don't believe he is a cheeker. Any ideas?

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