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    Need help deciding where to go (MA)

    Hi guys, I just got accepted to one BSN program, one ADN program, and one ABSN. However, I don’t know where to go and it’s hard to get advice from people who aren’t going through similar issues. Salem State BSN- Affordable with federal loans, 4 years, don’t need to take out a private loan, no preceptorship, luck of the draw for rotations in Boston hospitals North Shore CC ADN- Very affordable, might not need ANY loans at all, 2 year RN but will need to transfer my other 3 college transcripts to finish my BSN somewhere else, was told it’ll possibly take even longer than 2 years because of COVID, no preceptorship, no Boston affiliated hospitals at all MCPHS ABSN- Dumb expensive since it’s in Boston, will need private loans for the first time, can finish my BSN in 2-3 years, has preceptorship, has rotations in Boston hospitals, might not be the best nursing program in Boston to be dropping money like that I just turned 25 and I feel like I’m in a rush to finish school before I’m 30. I’ve been a screw up until I turned 23 because of family and depression. Can someone please help me?

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