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  1. So here's the situation... I was formally employed by a pretty large healthcare system and worked my way up from an LPN to a clinical services supervisor after 6 years in a neurosurgical specialty. I worked from home on Fridays, and while working from home one day, a co-worker initiated a group text with the entire front office staff which included a screenshot of an unfavorable review written on healthgrades. The patient had surgery 4 years prior, and I found it strange that he was just writing the review. I thought it best to investigate to see if there were any recent encounters that would have prompted him to write this review so many years after receiving care from our practice. We typically have exceptional reviews. In doing so, I came across some extremely unusual encounters with multiple consecutive ED visits. I decided to share screenshots of the notes but did not include the patients name or date of birth in the screenshots in order to prevent a breach of privacy. It did not occur to me that because his name was included in the original text sent by my coworker, that this was a HIPAA violation. I was terminated on these grounds. I was also told that because I accessed a patients records without needing to directly care for the patient, this was also a compliance violation. The text was presented to the compliance department by an extremely unprofessional employee with very low productivity right after her evaluation by me with my superior... I know sending the text was very poor judgement, but I honestly didn't think I was violating HIPAA by not including his information, and I did not think that accessing a patient's chart to look into a bad review was a violation either. We send screenshots of records to physicians all the time without including patient info. The entire office, including the neurosurgeons in the practice, tried to defend me, but I was still let go and my actions were reported to the board. This is still under investigation. I'm currently trying to apply for a position in utilization review. My question is, should I put all of this information in my application and just be honest and upfront straight off the bat? Do you think I should wait until I'm called for an interview? What are my chances of even finding a job in nursing? Should I just make a career change? I'm so distraught over this entire situation. Any advice would be appreciated.

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