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  1. rodri18

    Feeling anxious about nursing school

    I finished my LPN program last year, at first it was a little overwhelming due to a bunch of work just thrown at us. You'll get into a routine and you're gonna be just fine. I am an independent learner however nursing school will force you to adapt. I had a study group who we met the days we were off. right now I am doing an RN program and we had to switch online and its been rough. However one of my classmates and I zoom and study together that way. Find a room where you can get your work done. Read read read, If your instructors have powerpoints use them. Usually they guide you what is the content they want you to know for the test, that way you don't read the entire chapter because thats impossible at least for me, I couldn't just read an entire chapter, even now in the RN usually the things they have on the powerpoints is their main focus for the test. Do alot of practice questions if yall are using ATI they have a ton of those do them they will help with the test and the proctored test.
  2. rodri18

    New LPN

    I graduated last august and got my first job at a nursing home. I'm currently in an RN program so I work Saturday and Sunday 12 hr shift. So far its been OK. I'm usually pretty independent. However sometimes I feel like I am not doing all I can do. I feel like I don't document all I need to document, or not doing my job right. I get home and I feel I'm still not doing my job right. I just want to be a good nurse. I always analyze what I need to change or what else I need to do. But since I'm just there every other weekend I feel like I have not made much progress. Did anyone else feel that way your first year as an LPN?

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