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  1. Greetings I am a Filipino citizen living in the UK. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing obtained in the Philippines. However,I have not been registered.The reason I did not register was because I was migrating to the UK already. I did take the PRC exam upon completing my university course(2008)but did not pass, and as I was then in the UK I couldn’t retake it. I have a pending online application with the NMC(Nursing Midwifery Council,UK)but as I’m not a board passer the PRC are not able to confirm that my qualification leads to registration, they are unable to continue the application as the qualification is not eligible. However, now after all this time and given the current worldwide situation, I am keen to put my skills back into proper practise and become registered. My questions are: Can the PRC confirm/verify my qualification would lead to my NMC registration even though I don’t pass the exam? If not, Can you advice me on how to retake the nursing board exam whilst I’m in the UK. And also Is it possibly to take the PRC exam in the UK in order to qualify for the NMC registration? Thank you.

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