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  1. Pursuit would have been fine - it was the shoot to kill that crossed the line. Hahahaha. Deplorable.
  2. Stop trying to make a criminal into a victim? He was not convicted - the cops decided to violate that part of the constitution and kill the guy. Oh, and the cops could have let him run - they had the car, witnesses, and probably cause to get an arrest warrant and pick him up later. The DA apparently doesn't think the cop had a "reasonable" belief given that he has been charged.
  3. guest1147324

    Asked to give an anesthesia medication

    You can always check your facility's policies on high risk medications - they typically have a chart with the med and where it can be administered/who can administer/monitoring/etc. I don't see this med listed as an anesthestic, though. It's used during anesthesia to reduce secretions since it is an anticholinergic. You should always advocate for your patient if they may need a higher level of care - I always give my charge nurse a head's up if I have concerns about a patient. Your CN sounds like an ***.
  4. guest1147324

    PNP vs Pediatrician

    Honestly? I'd take a hard look at how good your grades are. Have you already been accepted into a science-oriented college/major and found you are doing really well academically? Because getting into medical school is very, very competitive. Take a look at the scores and GPA's of medical school admissions - average is 3.71. I've known people with 4.0 GPA from top tier schools who were never able to get admitted to medical school after several application attempts. As for PNP vs Pediatrician, a lot will depend on in what state you will be practicing in terms of independence. NP's where I am work under a supervising physician, but with varying degrees of supervision. The NP's do have a lot more direct patient contact.
  5. Check out your state agencies - Health and Human Services, etc. hire nurses for records review.
  6. guest1147324

    Furloughed and Fearful

    I think you have received a lot of good advice so far. Another thing that you might want to factor in is how saturated your NP market is and if you think taking this job will get you additional experience and/or connections that could be of use in your career.

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