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CFanRN has 7 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Families and Children.

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  1. Has anyone went successfully from a Public Health position back into the hospital setting? I had two jobs before my current one and they ended on bad terms and I’m really missing the patient care aspect or at least something different than public health right now.
  2. Does anybody have any insight on the MSN program in Leadership? It has me intrigued by how little it cost and how quick you can get it done.
  3. CFanRN

    BSN to MSN in Leadership

    Hey all! I was wondering if you all could give me some insight on a good accredited online BSN - MSN in leadership/Nurse executive program. I am also looking at price so if anyone can give me any insight on scholarships or what sort of things were included in tuition like book fees and other things that would be great too!! Thanks in advance!!
  4. CFanRN

    BSN to MSW??

    Has anyone went from a BSN to a MSW degree? I work with families with pregnant moms or new moms and I really feel like that would help me with my current position. Has anyone found a good program to go with that didn’t cost an arm or a leg? Would it be more cost effective for me to find an online BSW program to go through? Thanks in advance!