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  1. StudentNurseMNUS

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Thank you so much for your kind and objective reply to me. I realize my comments were condescending and influenced by the fact I am in the process of completing my BSN. You have made some excellent points and I think that while education is a highly important part of what makes an individual a great nurse, it is not the only factor. As you mentioned, my cohort also has some pretty terrible nursing students who obviously do not care about patient safety, just looking good in scrubs and pretending they are in a cool medical show. Conversely, I have also met some highly educated ADN nurses who were very much acclaimed in their units. Again thank you for not chewing me out like plenty of nurses did here, although in retrospect I don't know what I was expecting by posting such a post. Your post has definitely given me more perspective into what it truly means to be a nurse and how I shouldn't have a superiority complex simply because I am getting my BSN rather than my ADN. Sorry everyone! I swear not all BSN students are as snobbish as I was. I can now see there are plenty of terrific RNs out there with both associates and bachelors degrees. However, there are also terrible incompetent nurses out there who may have either an ADN OR BSN. I just hope to be in the former group, making a positive significant difference in someone's life.
  2. StudentNurseMNUS

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    I completely agree with your comment. I do not understand why ADN degrees are even still in place, the standard should be a BSN degree in my opinion. Community college courses are in not in any form as difficult or challenging as the courses offered in a four year university. I also find comfort in knowing I will be graduating feeling more prepared thanks to all the hard I have put into obtaining my four year degree rather than just a two year one.
  3. StudentNurseMNUS

    ADN vs BSN Nurses' Competency

    Hello everyone, Based on your experiences, do you think ADN nurses are just as competent as BSN nurses straight out of nursing school? I'm attending a four year university to attain my BSN degree and have taken various challenging courses, a majority of which I had to successfully pass to even get into the program. However, my friend attended a local community college to get an ADN and often boasts to me of how easy his prerequisite courses were, since he took them online, and how easy nursing school was since the professors he had were not as rigorous as the ones I currently have. He passed his NCLEX and has been working in a telemetry unit for 5 months now. So is a BSN degree just a longer degree because it is filled with humanities courses and "busy work" nursing courses rather than just the essentials? Is a BSN degree over-preparing students or is the ADN degree not demanding enough? Should ADN nurses even have the same scope of practice as BSN nurses?
  4. Hello everyone, Throughout my time in clinicals and my own experiences with the healthcare system, I have have always wondered, do nurses and even physicians really remember all the information that is given to to them in school? In nursing school you are provided with a lot of information you have to analyze related to the pathophysiology of a disease, its treatment and the subsequent nursing implications. It can be hard to remember this information just a few months after being lectured on it, so how are you supposed to remember it a few years down the road when actually practicing as an RN?
  5. Hello guys! I am currently one year away from graduating with my BSN. I have my mind set on pursuing my DNP and becoming a family nurse practitioner. Hence, I have already started looking at the application process and the items that would make me more competitive. I noticed most programs ask for letters of recommendation, preferably from academic sources. Two of my professors, who I considerably admire and have gotten close to, are planning to retire this year. I asked them both for recommendation letters and both have written amazing and thoughtful ones highlighting my academic success and nursing skills. However, will I even be able to use these recommendation letters? None of the programs I looked into have a limit regarding how old the letters can be. However, I'm not planning to go into a DNP program immediately after graduating with my BSN since I want to get practice. So would it be appropriate if I use them 4-5 years from now in my application?

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