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  1. Pa Board of Nursing--Transcripts

    Hi all, hopping on this thread! Are other people experiencing this with the state board of nursing? My application checklist was totally done and even noted "completed" in PALS which means they initially reviewed it. My electronic transcripts ...
  2. Starting Salaries for New Nurses in Philly

    I would love to know as well!
  3. NYP "Unlicensed New Grad Nurses" Posting

    I got an email as well! I'm glad they're moving the process along!
  4. NYS New Grads waiting on ATT

    I go to school in NY and our school tells us that (normally) most people who graduate in December get ATT in mid/late- February and those who graduate in May get ATT in late June/early July It might be a little delayed if you're out of state
  5. CHOP Video Interview

    I haven't heard either - any update on your end?
  6. Hello! I know that Fox Chase's residency posting is due May 15 but I can't find any information online about Temple Health's nurse residency? Did I miss a new grad posting or do new grads apply to any RN position? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys! Has anyone heard back about the general new grad posting at all NYP locations the other week - unlicensed or licensed?
  8. 2020 NYP ED New Grad Residency Program

    I got an email on March 20 that they stopped that program: "Thank you very much for your interest in the Emergency Department New Grad Residency Program at NewYork-Presbyterian... After careful consideration, we have suspended the 2020 Residency Pro...
  9. NYU hiring process

    After I applied I was emailed by a recruiter that said to follow up with her after April 1. I did and we scheduled a phone call for last week that gauged interest in units, and she said to follow up again after NCLEX was scheduled because she didn't...