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CourtneyMarie1207 specializes in PCT in PICU.

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  1. GCC was my second choice, I got my letter from PV. I’m just so anxious for everyone else still waiting to hear! It’s crazy cause last cycle I think GCC was the first school to send letters out! Or maybe it was the cycle before For those that go...
  2. So is GCC the only college that hasn't sent their letters out? Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting!!
  3. I received my letter for PVCC with ASU!! 84.5 points ?
  4. haha no worries! I'm just sitting here refreshing my email like a mad woman! Someone in the facebook group did get an acceptance for CGCC, haven't heard about SCC though.
  5. Which group? I haven't seen any PVCC acceptances in the two I'm in.
  6. I contacted the PVCC nursing program coordinator and she said they were going to start sending out tomorrow. Someone who applied to SCC said their advisor told them late in the week or next week and another said a nursing advisor from Phoenix College...
  7. Fun question for you all while we wait.. Who is the first person you're going to tell?! I was so excited to work this weekend thinking it would fly by. I was soo wrong. This weekend has dragged! And from reading other threads it doesn't s...
  8. Hi! I’m a mom of 2! I did ASU with PVCC as my first choice and GCC as my second ?
  9. I submitted my application in December and I’ve been fine this whole time. But this past week has been tough and this next week is going to be even more tough. I’m getting sooo anxious!
  10. I submitted my application on December 17th and finally got confirmation a few days ago on January 19th. I had emailed my advisor through PVCC and she said she was swamped and it could take awhile to hear back.
  11. Which CNA class/program do you recommend?

    I took mine through GCC. I really liked it. It was affordable and I liked the instructors.
  12. I’m doing PV and ASU too with similar points! My advisor said the lowest they let in last time was 79! So I think we have a good chance!
  13. Yay I'm glad there's a post up for this coming cycle! I still haven't decided which community college I will make my first choice. Anybody have any insight? I'm between PVCC and GCC. I live at 59th ave and 101. Mileage wise, GCC is closer, but ...
  14. HESI through PVCC

    I plan to to apply this next cycle! I'll look out for the post ?
  15. HESI through PVCC

    Yes, but you have to use the one that’s provided through the HESI exam. You can’t use your own. There is one built into the exam.