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  1. TravelNurseFNP

    FNP job search gone bad

    Thank you, still thinking of the next state I should infiltrate with my resume LOL. I've applied to both but surprisingly only the big cities call me never the rural.
  2. TravelNurseFNP

    FNP job search gone bad

    Hello, I have been an FNP a year in May, an RN for 6. I took a travel assignment in Texas in hopes of finding a permanent position here. But its been a year and I can't seem to find a job anywhere. I had 1 close friend in FNP school with me who already has job and they have no openings where she works. I've applied to places that people don't want to work and they still won't throw me a bone. I have 2 APRN licenses (Texas and Florida) to broaden my chances. I've gone on 5 interviews of the 100+ jobs I've applied to and they all want someone with experience. I guess there are people who were born as FNPs, I'm just not one of them. Anyone have any tips or anything? At this point I'm willing to go to Timbuktu for some experience. I feel so frustrated with this and every month that goes on doesn't help. Whats the average timeframe for landing an FNP job? Where else can I get a license that would hire me? Are recruiters helpful? Does anyone know any good ones?

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