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  1. veraszcz

    ABSN Programs - Portage

    Hello All! Could you please list schools that accept courses taken through Portage as prerequisites?
  2. veraszcz

    Mount Sinai ABSN Summer 2020

    That is horrible @Bachelor so sorry. - is the next cycle for Fall 2020 or the following Summer?
  3. veraszcz

    A&P - Help!

    Hello All, I just registered for A&P 1 as one of my prerequisites for accelerated nursing programs. Most schools specifically state they want A&P 1 with lab. The class I registered for only has "Anatomy and Physiology" in the name but there is a lab involved and the course is a total of 4 credits. Does anyone know if this should show up as A&P Lab on my transcript since technically the lecture and lab are at separate times?
  4. Haha! That’s a good tip. I am currently taking chem with lab through portage and it’s been alright but getting harder. I’m happy to hear others have used portage and it’s worked out! Thanks

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