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Fed Up And Done has 21 years experience and specializes in Emergency Care/ Step Down.

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  1. Fed Up And Done

    Anti-Vaxxers Shut Down Immunization Events

    Nothing personal but the majority of your post is propaganda. If anyone is foolish enough to believe everything they are told by the government and/or the CDC much less the WHO. We have seen first hand what the WHO is about. Vaccines are good but always the answer. I'm going to share with you an experience with the flu vaccine, say what you wish. Twenty years ago when I became a nurse I asked my PCP if I should take the flu vaccine and his response was no "I never have". When I became a travel nurse in the ER I was in numerous hospitals during the flu season for several years and never had the flu. When hospitals made it mandatory we have the flu vaccine I had the flu 3 years in a row after being vaccinated but haven't had it since I quit travel nursing about 5 years ago. Since that time I have worked in urgent care for two years caring for numerous patients with the flu, not once have I had the flu. God Bless
  2. Fed Up And Done

    Covid-19: Would you ever hire me if you saw I quit during this crisis?

    It's time for nurses to take control of our profession. Stop worrying about losing your job we all need to strike until things are fixed. Why are we without PPE right now. Does anyone care about the well being of staff, no. Anyone who is a veteran and a nurse knows biological warfare is one of the biggest threats we face. Why are the hospitals as well as the states not prepared for what we're going through right now. We should not have to depend on the feral government to take care of what is the hospital and states duty. Each and every nurse in this country deserves what they get because they don't stand up for themselves. Think about this, you are being told to work without the proper equipment and you'll get nothing in return.
  3. Fed Up And Done

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I agree with the original post but I also wanted to address my brother Grandpa Nurse. I don't know about others but I am a veteran from the 80's and discharged before the war. God bless you for your service and sacrifice my brother but I have to disagree with some of what you say. First off I served for 6 years active duty, secondly I spent 9 years as a correctional officer and volunteer EMT. I owe nothing to society and I believe I have given of myself enough with that said there is only one other cause I am willing to commit to and it is not nursing. I have been a nurse for going on 20 years and this area (Southwest Virginia/Carilion} has not received a descent raise in almost 20 years. Yes, I do it for the money and no I didn't go to school to be a servant for the people, I owe society nothing. The nurses in this area are nothing more than slaves to the system. A system which could care less about their staff. A system where the president makes over a million a year yet pays travel nurses because she doesn't want to increase nursing pay to retain staff or recruit new nurses. Take a look at the situation staff are in with the pandemic. When all is said and done and the smoke clears nurses will have risked their lives, some will have died and it will be business as usual because big business does not give a rats *** about their staff. Until nurses stand up and demand change to the point of refusing to work we will all continue to suffer. Brother, nursing is no longer a prestigious profession but one of slavehood. As a side note companies give discounts etc. to first responders (Police, Firemen, EMTs) but when do you see nurses included with the celebrations, discounts and recognition? In case any of you have forgotten you are exposed to things that can kill you every day. God Bless you all!