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  1. Juan1980

    Valencia Fall 2020

    I just submitted the application. I need to take the prerequisites. I am thinking about taking Developmental Psychology and Essen Nutrition now in the Summer. Then Microbiology and A&P I in the fall and A&P II in the Spring. I already took the other ones. When can I take the TEAS?
  2. Juan1980

    Valencia College Summer 2020

    Hello everybody! My name is Juan and I just applied to Valencia College because I want to become a Registered Nurse. I have a bachelors degree in Business Administration but I want to go to get the AS in Nursing at Valencia. This pandemic made me realize how important is to have a Plan B just in case I lose my job. I was looking at the requirements and it seems that I have to take some courses before I can apply for the program. The requisites are A&P I and II, Microbiology, Develop. Psychology and Nutrition. I already took Gen. Psy, Freshman Comp. and the Humanities when I completed my bachelors. Hopefully they will let me transfer them. I read all your post (yes, all of them) and you guys keep mentioning TEAS. I really want to get in and it seems that the key here is applying early. I am planning to take Dev. Psy and Nutrition now in the Summer, then next Fall take Microbiology and A&P 1, then take A&P II in the Spring. I would take A&P in the Summer but they are full. I need your advice on acing TEAS and when to apply. Congratulations to those who got accepted. Be well and stay safe.

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