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  1. ShifraPuah

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I LOVE all these stories! Keep them coming!
  2. ShifraPuah

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I'm interested! I would love to hear the details. (and, BTW, I share my flat with a ghost, too. He's very quiet but has made his presence known.
  3. Do NOT tell the Live Answer staff that you're having SOB and difficulty breathing and then backpedal and state "I don't know what they're talking about" when I ask you the same thing (I was triaging today) and state that you have been having rectal bleeding x 1 day. Do NOT lie to me or to the staff--I won't be able to trust you or anything that comes out of your mouth!
  4. ShifraPuah

    What are the major issues you have struggled with as a nurse?

    I believe this can apply to any place that employs RNs. For me, it is management and higher-ups that fail to understand that nursing doesn't fit into a tidy 36- or 40-hour workweek.
  5. Congrats on the new job and don't feel silly in the least about your scrubs--if you feel comfy in them, you can relax and focus on the job at hand--and isn't that the point? Keep us posted on how you're doing!
  6. ShifraPuah

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    To the triage RN: please do not stand around for 10-15 minutes around my station, multiple times a day, and flirt with the MD or chat with the secretary about "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol". It's gotten to the point that the MD has told me himself he's never seen anyone so nutty over TV shows in his life (he's 64). You're supposed to be triaging pts, not the MD! Also, when the MD takes us out to lunch for RN Week, don't talk so much about yourself (and the aforementioned TV shows) that I (and everyone else) can barely get a word in. To an IM MD (not mine): Do not throw temper tantrums because you're having a bad day (usually every day). You're 44 years old but my 4 year old niece has better self-control than you do. Your behavior has gotten so bad that several float pool staff members (RNs, LPNs, CMAs) have requested that they not be placed with you, such is your temper. You were so awful last week you made an agency nurse cry (not the first time I've seen this happen). The only difference between you and a school yard bully is your white coat.
  7. From today, and yes, it was crazy! Do not sit on your lab order sheet and cuss out the lab staffers because the lab wasn't open yet and throw a temper tantrum in front of all the pts in the waiting room and drag the managers into this, all because you showed up an hour early. You are an adult, not a child. Control yourself. Do not book an OV for your back pain, no show for that appt, then show up the next day stating it's an emergency. It's not and you will have to make an appt tomorrow, as the MD's already booked up for today. Do not abuse my colleagues--this is everyone from Live Answer staff, the front desk, the secretaries, the lab staff, the CMAs, other RNs and MDs, NPs--because without them, I cannot do my job. Extend the respect you have for my MD to all of them, and I will respect you too.
  8. From my days in L&D: Please do not go into your post-eclamptic friend's room q 5 minutes and then complain to the staff that the room is dark and you want to talk to her, when she barely pulled through her seizure and crash C/S and needs to rest and heal from her eclampsia. Yes, you and her 515 other friends will have to wait until she is d/c to the Mother/Baby Unit when she is more stable. What part of recovery do you not understand? From office nursing: do not wait until 1200 on a Friday to call and request your anxiolytics/narcotics when you've been out of them for a few days or call and c/o about your N/V/D or cold sx that you've had since Monday. Do not call and harangue the staff multiple times in a single day when all you needed to do was to leave a simple message for me requesting a written rx for pickup for your annual trip down to the VA. Do not call and request a return call from me wanting to review your labwork for the nth time, when we've already discussed it before and you have discussed it with the doctor, oh, say, at least twice, and you have two or three other doctors also performing labwork on you. Do not throw a temper tantrum over the phone when you leave a message wanting a call from me today at 1500 on a Friday. Your own granddaughter told me that you've burned through at least three or four other doctors due to your behavior and you're on the verge of that with both my MD and myself. If you have side effects or experience other issues with your medications, do not simply quit taking them, call our office and let us know. If the doctor tells you to lose weight/monitor your BP/check your BG, do so. Doing these will keep you alive. Do not wait until AFTER the doctor leaves the room to tell me about the multiple other issues, concerns, or worries that you have. He has already gone on to his next patient and you will need to make another appointment to discuss these with him. No, I cannot give your spouse/child/parent-in-law a flu shot or check their BP or assess them, as they are not patients here and it goes against office policy. Do not stop taking your medications because your spouse/child told you to do so. They are not RNs/MDs/NPs. Do not waltz in here 15 minutes late for your appointment and be upset that I no-showed you. You need to leave your work/home earlier and show up on time. We see other patients that are sicker than you and unless you are acutely ill, there will be no exceptions. Do not show up late, then have multiple complaints that you want to have all addressed today. Due to your tardiness, you will have a short visit. The MD has other patients to see, who showed up on time. Turn off your cellphone now. There were signs at the front desk and next to the clinic doors, requesting that you do so. Surely you can take 15-30 minutes for the doctor's time? THANK YOU!
  9. Thank God for this thread! My own "pick for the pain" is management. Coworkers are generally good where I work, patients can be PITAs but, like an earlier poster said, are gone within a short period of time. Management on the other hand....they make you go to classes where you learn about customer service but don't bother to put the philosophy in action themselves when it comes to treating their staff (everyone from the front desk to triage to RNs to secretaries) right, overwork the staff and underpay them, don't clock in or out and spend their time chatting on the phone and not hiring temp staff when coworkers are away and then ask you to do more, more and still more, without realizing what this does to morale and how it contributes to the turnover rate and shortages. ...which is why I am looking for another job!
  10. ShifraPuah

    Air RN

    You were absolutely kick-$$$!!! Woohoo!
  11. ShifraPuah

    Nurses and Doctors Dating Each Other

    It has been my observation that what makes a person successful in becoming a doctor does not necessarily translate into good dating/relationship material.
  12. ShifraPuah

    I cannot do med/surg anymore

    Actually, I'd take a good long vacation to relax and rest up first before looking for a job. Then I'd check out the various PPs/ICUs in your area and talk to the people there and get an idea of the work situations there. Remember, life is too short to be miserable. You've certainly paid your dues in M/S. Now it's time to go and do what YOU want. Keep us posted.
  13. ShifraPuah

    How about a thread for baby names you liked?

    I have a friend whose daughter is Ainsley Imogen (IM-OH-JEN). I think it's very pretty. Ainsley's older brother is Theo Blaise.
  14. ShifraPuah

    Ever Gag or Vimit While Doing the Job?

    Absolutely the truth! Another key point to remember is that you are there for the pt, and if you have to step out to vomit or end up puking right along with them, take a few minutes, rinse out your mouth, and go back to work. We are HUMAN. I think we all tend to forget that and come down way too hard on ourselves. PS. Leslie, kudos on being there for your pt. I can't imagine how you did it but I think it helped him to know that someone was right there with him, even through the worst of it.
  15. ShifraPuah

    You know your pt is a jerk if........

    Don't worry; whether it's the pt or the pt's family--it's ALWAYS good to vent. Jerkiness is no respecter of persons.
  16. ShifraPuah

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    But what a way to say "thank you for everything"!