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  1. Hello everyone, I just joined this website because I've always enjoyed the content posted here, and now I have a question I'd like to ask you guys as well. I am a new graduate nurse (I graduated December 2019) and I finally landed a job in a medical ICU in mid February. This global health crisis has slowed the hiring process down, but long story short I should be starting in the very near future. I will be recieving new graduate training with didactics and simulation labs as well as preceptorship after so that is definitely a bonus. However, I'd really like to start reading up on some critical care nursing books to feel better prepared. I know some of the books geared towards critical care nursing are more for CCRN study and might go right over my head so any newbie recommendations would be much appreciated. Btw, I recently purchased the Critical Care Notes Pocket Guide by F.A. Davis and plan to use that as a reference on the floor.