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  1. ME: Male nursing student, graduating Dec. of 2020 (an accelerated BSN program). I am older (35), and at this moment don't see myself aiming for a Master's degree like CRNA. Student nurse trying to figure out his "niche" right now. With the whole COVID-19 issue, it is impossible to get job shadowing right now (all hospitals have shut it down). I did some shadowing before the COVID-19 shut downs, one of those being the OR. I really liked the vibe of the OR, but to me it seems like a dead end; (1) once in OR, you're stuck in OR and (2) limited growth opportunities (maybe you become a manager). By nature, the OR skill set is totally different and guessing you are easily passed over if you choose to move out of it? Registered Nurse First Assist seems to be one of the only things you can "ladder up" with as an OR nurse. Does anyone have any personal experience with this and can offer any incite about the "opportunities" that are out in the real world right now (I never believe government statistics). I've heard that PA programs are beginning to take over what use to be for First Assist's.