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  1. Hey! I have been super interested in UPenns FNP program! hoping I can maybe reach out and chat with you! I currently go to Thomas Jefferson University in Philly. I have one more year of nursing school to go. CONGRATS on your acceptance! 

    1. nursegirl20


      Hi Jessica! Hope you're staying safe and well during these tough times! Sure, I'd love to answer any questions or provide input! Just a heads up tho...I'm moving from Indiana so if you have any specific q's related to Philly I definitely won't know much. But if you have q's regarding UPenn then I'll try my best to help out 😁

    2. Jessica Wang

      Jessica Wang

      I have been in Philly for about 4 years now so maybe I can answer your Philly questions 😄 Can I give you my email? it’s jessica13wang@gmail.com. Thank you!! Stay safe and healthy!