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    Breathalyzer testing in NTPs

    Hello, I am a nurse in a methadone clinic and we routinely breathalyze some patients before dosing them in order to prevent overdose. We adjust their dose according to breathalyzer results. Since Covid-19, I have been wondering how much of a risk are we putting our patients at with this practice. We have two breathalyzers in our clinic and each patient (about 6 or 7) has their own mouthpiece that we put away and they reuse. Mouthpiece aside, they are still breathing all over the breathalyzer, not to mention the inside. Then the next person comes to use it. I have brought this up to our DON, but she seems unconcerned and thought I was raising the issue because I was worried for my own safety. I'm not. We can wipe the machines down, but all of our cleaning supplies contain alcohol, which would affect the results. Has anyone else run into this issue? How has your facility handled it?