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  1. AnonymousSuper

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Truth. 100%. We don't get ceremonies. We get pizza parties. Raise your bread stick in honoring Nancy...
  2. AnonymousSuper

    Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    I'm a guy. I'm in the 10% of nursing. I'm a guy.
  3. AnonymousSuper

    Partner doesn't like that I'm a nurse

    This. Time to move on. You need a partner that accepts and adapts to you. They must accept the harsh reality that your job is dangerous and inadvertently increases their risk. I know they are out there. My wife and I are both nurses. We both "get it."
  4. AnonymousSuper

    Leaving bedside for health concerns

    You health trumps your profession. Find a nursing gig that's safer. Try outpatient ambulatory nursing for instance.
  5. AnonymousSuper

    Is it generally easy to make friends in new grad RN programs?

    If you want friends, go make friends. There will be people. Tell them your name. Have good conversations. Don't overshare or be the super overzealous annoying excited one. Be calm, approachable and friendly but avoid being the "weird one." There are plenty of those. You'll be invited to post-shift breakfast hang outs in no time. Moving far away from support when you probably need it the most as a newb nurse. Not advised. Try to get something close if possible.
  6. To me, it was zero benefit EXCEPT resume material. I pay the 100/year and I get to put it on my resume. It's a worthy investment to stick out amongst the piles of resumes that don't have it. Yeah, the organization will you tell you "become more" "become a more diverse professional" "Blah Blah Blah" When you put this on your resume, it shows potential employers your alleged commitment to the profession and desire to have professional development. Not a bad thing of course.
  7. AnonymousSuper

    How do I find primary care RN position?

    Under normal circumstance, pre-covid, you have to change the language in which you search. Try "ambulatory nurse jobs" rather than "primary care nurse jobs" then narrow your search down and find primary care clinics that are posting. You be hard pressed to find a PC job now because clinics have shut down most normal operations, flexing down, and/or laying people off. Give it a few months and you'll get that job soon enough.
  8. AnonymousSuper

    Remote positions

    Remote case manager comes to mind (if you find some that would take a newb). Look into the big insurance companies. Some hospitals provide this as well. Also, look into ambulatory cancer clinics. You do a remote telephone triage gig for the clinic. Look into after hours telephone triage nurse lines that hospitals provide.
  9. This nurse lacks confidence and/or points to lack of experience if they need to "research" their assignment for 45 minutes. I used to do this as a newb nurse. This is how it should go: Be punctual. Show up 10-15 minutes early. Poop. Pee. Snack. Obtain assignment from charge. Stalk previous shift nurse to get your report ASAP. No one has time to dilly dally. Shift starts at 0800. Let's say you get 6 patients. Bed side report should complete in 20-30 minutes max. Get back to station. Write down details about each patient on your brain. Should take no more than 2 minutes per patient to get the extra details you need (Ie med pass times, scanning H&P, previous provider assessment, I/O, VS, nursing orders). Ideally be ready for med pass at 0845-0900. For the love of all things holy, why would someone work 45 minutes FOR FREE EVERYDAY THEY WORK?! That's >100 hours PER YEAR (assuming 3 shifts/week)! Oh heck no!
  10. She needs to find a person that adapts to her. Not the other way around. If she's obsessed with work, great. That's her choice and her significant other needs to respect that from day one. She should be VERY frank about that on the first date. First few conversations. That way there are no unreasonable expectations that arise in the future. I'm fortunate because my wife and I are both nurses. We both "get it."
  11. AnonymousSuper

    Please Tell Me I'm Not Alone

    You're going to get even more creative in the roles you're applying to. Remote nursing jobs, telehealth, telephone triage, per diem roles, travel nursing, travel a few hours away, or pick a non-nursing side gig. Start an online business. So many options. These are goofy times and we need to be just as goofy to adapt to them.
  12. AnonymousSuper

    Nursing for Intimate care for men

    I'm a dude. I don't care either way. I care about skills, knowledge, and approachability (all of which can happen whether a person has a penis or a vagina).
  13. AnonymousSuper


    Nurses are expendable. Travel nurses are extremely expendable and let go for the most petty crap imaginable. Traveling right now pays BIG TIME. Some places >6K per week. Keep trying to find an assignment. You've hit an unlucky streak. People lack the courage and/or professionalism to provide respectful feedback. If this happens a third time, perhaps it's time to have a good hard look at your skills, behaviors, personality, and actions. I know travelers get cancelled but if this happens a third time, it's probably not the assignment.
  14. AnonymousSuper

    Pharmacists admitted to BSN Program

    Don't do it. Wait until you find a pharmacist job.
  15. This is easy to make a snap judgement about. This deserves a root cause analysis.