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  1. nghi

    nursing jobs

    Is it hard to find a job after Nursing school? what jobs do nursing students should do to add experience to the resume when applying for the first job? thank you!
  2. nghi

    retake classes

    @Gwenny yes, I am. I've heard about how competitive the Rutgers nursing program is. Somebody has a 3.6 GPA and they're in wait-listed. that's why I want to retake them to enhance my grades. I think retaking non-science class is fine but not sure with science courses. On Rutgers's website, they said that retaking science pre-reqs will be considered in the application review. that's what I'm wondering right now. do you know that if we need to submit SAT score, essay,...? I asked some advisors in my school and they just tell me to complete all pre-reqs, not talk about it at all.
  3. nghi

    retake classes

    hi everyone, I'm in the second semester of the pre-nursing program at community college. I plan to transfer to Rutgers next year. My GPA right now is 3.3. I'd like to retake Chemistry 1 and psychology and I had B for those classes. Should I do that? my school allows me to retake classes, but I don't know if it will affect my transcript and my application. thanks

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