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Shirley hippy

Shirley hippy

Hospital and long term
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Shirley hippy specializes in Hospital and long term.

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  1. Can any nurse help me with an issue Iam havong about 2 Years ago I went to docotr for suboxone treatment I had surgery and was taking my pain meds and felt I was becoming dependent. He turned me in to bon and now have an order to show. I feel I did nothing wrong I thought I had a right to healthcare but In my interview ordered by the state they ripped my records apart to prove me an addict. Can some one help with any advice thanks 

  2. Shirley hippy

    Can I get a job on Suboxone?

    I do have a question I was in same spot I went to a doctor asked for suboxone to help In pain management and he turned me in for not staying with his program now I have an order to show in front of pa non Iam very scared

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